(“Japanese pepper” or “Japanese prickly ash”)

Different from red pepper or black pepper, its peculiarity is a fresh fragrance with vivid impression and elegant citrus origin. We recommend sprinkling it on cheese, fish, meat dishes, or use it with olive oil. In Japan we normally use a moderate quantity of sansho for seasoning oily grilled eel, barbecued chicken, and any other rich taste food to make a refreshing flavor. Sansho is one of the best cooking spices in Japan; it has been used by Japanese people for more than 3000 years.


At a Japanese TV program there was an experiment: after putting some sansho into the mouth, people tried sashimi (fresh fish) or tofu, and the result was that without any additional seasening, the taste of food became stronger. Thus, by adding sansho to different dishes, we can discover new charm of common food.

Surrounded by high mountains right in the center of Japan, raised by pure cold air and water – this is “Sansho from Hida”. Grown in the area at 800m altitude, circled by rivers in 5km radius, it is born with strong fragrance only sansho from Hida can have. If it is grown in other areas the same rich fragrance cannot be achieved. Through generations we have been choosing excellent trees and protecting them carefully.

We gather the crop by hands every summer, and dry it first in the shade and then in the sun. We value the fragrance high, so we grind a required amount of seeds only when we receive the order; we make it in an old way with the millstone and a special mallet.

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